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Welcome to iTennisPro! The world's first beginner video tennis lesson for the iPhone/iPod touch!

With iTennisPro, players of all ages can quickly learn the basics of tennis: rallying, serving and keeping score!





We use a method of teaching endorsed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) called progressive tennis. Progressive tennis is gaining popularity world wide because it's the fastest, easiest way for beginners to learn the game from the first lesson. Players start with a smaller court and slower ball so tennis is enjoyable!

You will be learning from Neil Parker, a highly certified coach with over 20 years of experience in the most modern teaching techniques.

Using high quality VIDEO instruction, we show you the most modern teaching techniques for beginners, step-by-step. iTennisPro will teach you how to:

Start a point by serving

Maintain a rally back and forth 

Use a volley at the net 

Learn how to keep score!




From the absolute beginner, to the casual player who wants to get more out of their game, iTennisPro is the best way to get started playing tennis quickly and correctly!

iTennisPro trailer -- see it in action!

Q: Why not just look at YouTube tennis tips? 

A: You won't find a step-by-step progressive teaching method designed for beginners anywhere on the web. Only at iTennisPro!


Some features of iTennisPro:

11 videos detailing the most common situations occurring in tennis. 

Video drills showing in detail how to practice each technique.

Detailed video description on how to keep score.

Description of proper tennis etiquette.

Tennis themed backgrounds: A variety of tennis backgrounds and ambient tennis sounds to inspire you to get out on the court!


The Grips

How to rally using groundstokes with:  

-The Impact Point


-The hitting zone using the wrist

How to volley with:                              

-A catching feeling

How to start the point using a serve with:  


-The impact point

-A throwing feeling

How to keep score


Thanks for your support of iTennisPro!

We welcome your feedback -- tell us what you think of the application, the video content, and how you are using iTennisPro!